Peer-Reviewed Publications

Under Review
"The Silver Screen and Authoritarianism: How Mass Media Activate Personality Traits in the U.S.'' (with Jeffrey Glas; equal authorship; under review)

Working Papers
"Incivility and Outrage in the Classroom: An Experiment in Introduction to American Government" (with Aaron King and Brian M. Webb; equal authorship)

"States, Economics, and Voting: How Policies Affect Citizens' Voting Behavior" (with Shauna Reilly; equal authorship)

"Religious Identities, Social Capital and Latino, African American and Anglo Civic Engagement" (with Lakeyta Bonnette-Bailey, Sarah Allen Gershon, and Adrian Pantoja; equal authorship)

"The Rise of Latino Evangelicals" (with Sarah Allen Gershon and Adrian Pantoja; book chapter for edited volume edited by Paul Djupe and Ryan Claassen at Temple University Press)

"Are the Kids Alright? Understanding Attitudes about Political Science, U.S. Government, and Pakistan Among College Students." (with Aaron King, Dan Masters, Amna Mahmood, and Sadaf Farooq)

"Measuring Political Communication with Google N-grams." (with Sean Richey; equal authorship).