Peer-Reviewed Publications

Invited Book Chapters

Taylor, J. Benjamin, Sarah A. Gershon, and Adrian D. Pantoja. forthcoming. "The Rise of Latino Evangelicals." In The Evangelical Crackup: Will the Evangelical-Republican Coalition Last? eds. Paul Djupe and Ryan Claassen. Philadelphia, PA: Temple University Press. (*peer-reviewed)

Under Review

"Using Google N-grams to Measure Political Communication Effects" (with Sean Richey; equal authorship).

Working Papers
"Incivility and Outrage in the Classroom: An Experiment in Introduction to American Government" (with Aaron King and Brian M. Webb; equal authorship)

"Culture Matters: State Political Culture and Ballot Measure Passage" (with Shauna Reilly; equal authorship)

"Religious Identities, Social Capital and Latino, African American and Anglo Civic Engagement" (with Lakeyta Bonnette-Bailey, Sarah Allen Gershon, and Adrian Pantoja; equal authorship)

"A Cross-Cultural Assessment of Political Science Education and Current Events" (with Aaron King, Dan Masters, Amna Mahmood, and Sadaf Farooq)

"Why do you Watch That? Political Predictors of Self-Selection into Prime-Time Television Program Audiences" (with Jeffrey M. Glas; equal authorship)